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There's much activity going on about green environment solutions right now. Unfortunately, much of it is 'Greenwashing'. It does nothing to help environmental issues and concerns about climate change and global warming. 

Greenwashing is when companies, organisations and individuals jump on the 'Green Band Wagon'. Many of these entities exaggerate their environmental credentials to attract customers. For example, they say that they use biodegradable packaging when it might not be the case, or they have hidden trade-offs and no proof of their claims. Many create more useless stuff from the useless stuff we have already discarded and call it progress. These actions raise many ethical concerns and detract from the real issues.

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Current Problems About Green Environment Issues

What is Environmental Degradation?

Environmental degradation is the deterioration of the environment through detrimentally consuming assets like air, water and soil. Asset destruction causes pollution and eradicates vital ecosystems. The United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction characterises environmental degradation as the lessening of the limit of the earth to meet social and ecological destinations and needs. 

TopEco Green explores how we can become part of the solution, not the pollution when it comes to plastic waste and daily living.TopEco Green explores how we can become part of the solution, not the pollution when it comes to plastic waste and daily living. Plastic waste is a major contributor to human pollution and causes a massive amount of damage to the earth's natural environment.

All across the world, people face many challenging problems about green environment issues every day. There's no denying we are in a state of planetary emergency.

12 Urgent Environmental Problems & Possible Ways to Tackle Them

There are several primary areas that adversely affect our environment today: air, water, soil, noise, radioactive waves, light and thermal energy. They are all linked, and all affect each other too. 

Here are 12 environmental problems that require urgent attention and a possible solution for each:

No. 1 - Intensive Agriculture

Chemical fertilisers, pesticides and insecticides used to produce food damage the environment and create a false supply chain. 

Possible Solution: Choose local.

No. 2 - Soil Degradation

According to U.N. estimations, about 12 million hectares of farmland are subject to degradation or contamination every year. 

Possible Solution: Go vegan.

No. 3 - Overpopulation

Unsustainable population levels mean a shortage of resources like water, fuel and food in the areas that need the most help. Population expansion in less developed and developing countries is straining the already scarce resources. 

Possible Solution: Empower women.

No. 4 - Deforestation

Our forests are natural carbon sponges for carbon dioxide and produce much of the world's well-needed fresh oxygen. Forests help regulate temperature and rainfall. 

Possible Solutions: Reduce paper consumption, go vegan and buy from forest-friendly companies. 

No. 5 - Loss of Biodiversity

The extinction of species and habitats due to ecosystem damage destroys natural processes like pollination. The destruction of coral reefs has a devastating effect on our global marine ecosystems. 

Possible Solutions: Stop deforestation prevent overhunting and overfishing.

No. 6 - Ozone Layer Depletion

Pollution caused by chlorine and bromide found in chloro-fluoro carbons (CFCs) create holes in the ozone layer, causing harmful U.V. radiation to reach earth. This is one of the most critical topics about green environment matters. 

Possible Solution: Minimise nitrous oxide release by staying local. 

No. 7 - Waste Production

Our hyperconsumption is causing non-biodegradable rubbish such as plastic packaging, artificial fibres, toxic e-waste (e.g. lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and flame retardants from electronic goods), glass, metals and hazardous substances such as nuclear waste and pesticides. Hyperconsumption produces an excessive amount of garbage, all dumped in the oceans of less developed countries. 

Possible Solution: Large fines for ocean dumping.

No. 8 - Acid rain

Acid rain occurs due to certain pollutants in the atmosphere and the combustion of fossil fuels, erupting volcanoes or rotting vegetation that releases sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere. Acid rain can seriously affect human health, wildlife, and aquatic species. 

Possible Solution: Use renewable energy sources.

No. 9 - Natural Resource Depletion

The future looks bleak when we look at the massive industrialisation in Asian countries like India and China. Pollution from the use of natural resources contributes to climate change. The increased use of natural resources leads to population growth and air pollution. Fossil fuel consumption alone results in the emission of greenhouse gases, which is primarily responsible for global warming and climate change. 

Possible Solutions: Use more renewable energy and use education to reduce population.

No. 10 - Water Pollution

Industrial development is filling our rivers, seas and oceans with toxic pollutants, a significant threat to human health. Organic pollutants are microorganisms, bacteria and viruses generated by excrement, animal and vegetable waste. Chemical pollutants are caused by the nitrates and phosphates of pesticides, human and animal drugs, household products, heavy metals, acids, and hydrocarbons. 

Possible Solutions: Green agriculture, stormwater management, plastic waste reduction.

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No. 11 - Global Warming

Climate changes and global warming effects result from human practices that cause greenhouse gases. Rising earth surface temperatures lead to natural disasters such as flooding, hurricanes, wildfires, drought, excessive snow and desertification. 

No. 12 - Genetic Engineering

Genetic modification of food results in increased toxins and diseases. G.M. crops cause serious environmental problems as an engineered gene may prove toxic to wildlife. 

Possible Solutions: Eat locally grown food and do not buy from large corporations.

Final Word About Green Environmental Problems

We are currently facing many issues about green environment subjects. Our lives and future as a civilisation are at risk.We are currently facing many issues about green environment subjects. Our lives and future as a civilisation are at risk. While that thought can be highly overwhelming, don't feel helpless, not knowing where to begin. Making small steps and adjustments in your daily life will give you a sense of success and a desire to attempt more.

Naturally, our environment is changing. Still, the fact is that what human beings are doing to it is rapidly changing it for the worse.

Climate change problems are real - the increasing number of reports on natural disasters due to differing weather patterns highlight the issue.

However, climate change isn't the only problem. To be concerned about green environment issues is not enough. Too many leaders and heads of influence are not acting quickly enough in the right direction.

What is needed is ACTION. And fast!

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