Design Your Own Green Home

What Is Green Interior Design?

What is a green home? Learn the steps to Design Your Own Home Green Home

To help you design your own green home with the minimum amount of fuss, in a quick and resourceful way, we are pleased to showcase some popular products from TopEco Home. These unique collections of sustainable furniture and decor will create beautiful green spaces in your home and office and we can help you design your layout and schematics too.

But first exactly what is Green Interior Design?

There are five key elements needed for designing your own green home and that fall in the category of 'green interior design', and these are:

  1. Increasing Energy-Efficiency
  2. Limiting VOCs
  3. Focusing on Sustainable Materials
  4. Expanding a Natural Colour Palette
  5. Incorporating Different Eco-Styles

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Steps to Design Your Own Home Green Home

We have broken down each step in more detail below with links to further pages that will give you more resources and informaiton on how to design your own green home. Simply click around and get designing!

Green Interior Designer Database

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1. Take Measurements

Empty as much of the room's contents as possible. Having a clear area to measure will make the difference when calculating your dimensions and recording them for future reference. Ensure you include all doors and chimneys, windows, recesses, radiators and fixed pieces of furniture when you begin to design your own green home.

Once you have your space mapped out, add cut-out shapes or outlines of your furniture to find their ideal placement, keeping in mind how people use and move around the room. It makes life easy to have the right tools to help you get ready for your exciting green project.

Products to Help You Design Your Own Green Home

Waterproof Lazer Distance Meter - Portabel easy to use measuing device that uses lazer technology. With measurement modes like distance, volume and area. Ideal for home improvements, construction, tradespeople and estates agents.

Step 2. Identify Natual & Artificial Lighting

Lighting plays a significant role in room design by shaping the space in the evenings and giving it a unique ambience. It's about combining different lights to create a particular mood or feel when you design your own green home and the different rooms and what they will be used for. Identify the source of the best natural light in your room, either from doors or windows. Locating the natural light source allows you to decide where to place additional lighting. 

Don't be shy; this is where your imagination can illuminate. Play around and experiment where to place your chosen designs. Layer lighting effects, start with your primary light source—overhead lighting—then mix in secondary sources, such as accent lamps or a stylish, discret wall sconce. Distribute multiple light sources in a way that effectively illuminates the entire room, ensuring no dark corners are left. Hanging lights tend to narrow a room visually, but floor lamps or uplighting will instantly awaken your rooms' sense of space. It's all about the illusion.

Products to Help with Your Green Building Lighting Design

The Viennese Exposed Bulb Wall Light creates a cosy atmosphere and friendly soft glow by combining a sustainable wood finish and delicate wasabi green, pastel pink and pastel blue tone options. The light fitting is a straightforward, minimalist design whilst exuding a beautiful natural ambience. This handmade light also serves as a pendant, table or ceiling lamp, perfectly flexible for any room. 

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TopEco Home is delighted to showcase the Vienesse Exposed Bulb wall light. Perfect for your green building lighting design.TopEco Home is delighted to showcase the Vienesse Exposed Bulb wall light. Perfect for your green building lighting design.

Step 3. Plan Your Design & Practical Layout

The fundamentals are pretty much the same, when you design you own green home, it is important to keep the process throughout creating a good flow in the home – in other words, a successful layout that looks as good as it is practical – takes some skill and plenty of planning.

Flow’ operates in two main ways: the position of rooms and their relationship to each other, and the layout of a space in terms of doors, windows and furniture, including fitted solutions such as kitchens and bathrooms. 

Think about your ‘pathway’ through the entire house and each space early in the process, making sure to adopt the same principles in each area as the choices you make at the start will be reflected in the outcome and give you design success. 

Step 4. Decide on Colours & Textures

Decide on the colours and textures you want to use in the room. In general, it’s preferable to limit yourself to three colours and then experiment by using varying tones and adapting them. Same rule of thumb for materials, stick to two or three distinct textures in any space. Restraint, of course, is crucial; try not to go too texture crazy, we know, it's easy to when you are flirting with the concept to design you own green home.

Gather a patchwork of materials in your chosen colourways to help project yourself in your future design. Consider the furniture, curtains, walls, floors and doors to create a balanced finish. To help you think about the ensemble, take a couple of photos of your room. That way, you can envision how the colours and tones will work in the space.

Step 5. Prep Your Walls Safely

No matter the material of your walls, they must be dry and free from grease and dust, holes and cracks, flaky plaster, peeling paint and bits of wallpaper. It's always worth spending extra time and care over prepping your walls before you paint, as you'll get a much better finish. 

The home is an important environment for all of us, so when it comes time to prep your walls to decorate, it is essential to use environmentally-friendly solutions to help. The use of water-based, tough, non-toxic solutions that are non-hazardous, non-caustic,  PH neutral, and safeguard against skin burns, with no ventilation required that are non-flammable, non-combustible when you design your own green home, you can be assured that the whole process has been a green experience. As vegan, non-toxic solutions mean you don't need to worry about solvent contributions to the atmosphere, respiratory issues, or the smell; they are almost odourless. Water-based solvents far exceeds all VOC legislation with a VOC content of virtually zero. Now, there are more and more safe alternatives to be able to decorate your home safely.

Step 6. Evaluate the Eco-flooring

For many homeowners, sustainability is essential during any remodelling project, especially where floors are concerned, even more so when you are starting from scratch and you decide to design your own green home. So, when it comes to choosing eco-friendly flooring, evaluate your choices based on these five factors to help determine precisely how environmentally friendly your flooring is and how is helps you to design your own green home:

  • Durability, 
  • Your Floor’s Place of Origin, 
  • Your Floor’s Recyclability (and Recycled Content)
  • Raw Materials Used in Manufacturing
  • Your Floor’s VOC Levels

So now that you know the fundamental key factors of environmentally friendly flooring, it’s time to begin your search.

Step 7. Source Sustainable Furniture & Decor

Our desire to make our homes captivating and expressive is part of what makes us human. Curating an attractive home is a beautiful way to increase happiness, relieve stress, and live a more conscientious life. Moreover, establishing ourselves in our homes allows us to feel a sense of belonging in the space around us, encouraging us to invest in the communities we live in. Finding pieces that have a significant impact on our homes and our well-being is a constant journey. 

With our collections of sustainable, luxury, eco-friendly designs, we have taken the uphill hike out of trailing through the internet to bring you choices that will answer those questions. 

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