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Are you considering building an eco-house? When designing an eco-house, it's worth understanding what you want to achieve to begin with: a healthier living environment, lower energy costs or a more sustainable way of life, perhaps? Taking these thoughts into consideration there are a number of ways you can approach a project.

Building an eco-house has never been easier — what was once a niche within the home-building sector has become the focus in the industry and of many new build projects, especially for the self-builder. But while you may be 100% focused have their eyes on an eco-house build, what exactly does that mean?

Of all the phrases used, 'eco-friendly' is the most generic. It doesn't refer to a singular build style or a narrowed focus other than a project that reflects its effect on the environment. However, many terms have become synonymous as the green homes industry has grown, from 'sustainable' to 'renewable', 'energy efficient' to 'low carbon' They all lead to the exact outcome, to create a more efficient, planet-friendly, healthy environment.

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