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Eco-Friendly Products from TopEco Home.Eco-Friendly Products from TopEco Home. Design your own green home with eco-friendly furniture green gadgets and innovative ideas, green interior designs, eco-friendly decor and creative ways to be green with green interior design ideas and green planet-friendly gifts galore.

By choosing eco-friendly products you can build and decorate your home in a magical, calming way. Not only can you design your home with green, natural, planet-friendly home furnishings and decor, but you can do realize your home's true potential for less time and money than most people think possoble.

Take a look at some of our helpful pages below, and decide where you want to go first... (Your green lifestyle is closer than you think with these innovative eco-friendly products.)

Design Your Own Green Home with Eco-Friendly Products...

Small things in life can suddenly turn the ordinary into something magical. If you're looking to add that dream-like glow to your home, choose lustrous paints and finishes and eco-friendly products to your home furnishing to complement your decor. And, if you are brand-new to the concept of sustainability, you might ask yourself, why should I look for eco-friendly home design trends? Which is a perfect place to begin.

Due to our impatient nature, most of us look for instant gratification. When this does not happen we then fail to see the opportunities to create great natural spaces that we can all enjoy and admire. If we keep abusing our natural world at the present rate, we won't have the natural resources to hand to imagine our future living and working environments. We are placing too much focus on the idea that eco-friendly houses cost more than traditional housing, and it can affect the way we look at the future of our living spaces.

And, while thinking about this fact, we overlook that most so-called sustainable designs are longer-lasting, adaptable and require less attention than artificial toxic-fueled materials. The funds spent on expensive manufactured construction supplies add to a more significant amount. 

Over time, these materials need replacing more often than natural building materials. By using eco-friendly products and more sustainable options make financial sense as natural products do not need replacing as often. There is a lower level of maintenance; the natural world has been around a long time. Therefore, there is no reason why you shouldn't opt for a sustainable house design.

Why Eco-Friendly Furniture?

Eco-friendly products are not the only elements that make your home and decor eco-friendly and sustainable but add to a longer, healthier life. Going green in your home with home furnishings, wall coverings and even the paint you put on your walls is essential for living a much greener, more sustainable life. 

The benefits of furnishing your home with eco-friendly products such as furniture far surpass the initial satisfaction of filling your home with beautifully made eco-friendly, green designs. And, knowing in the long run, your choice of sofa, bed or your beloved kitchen table with last for many years to come.

A cheap chair may cost less than a quality one, but you may need to purchase 3 or 4 of those items over ten years. Buying a more sustainable alternative means you will only need to buy it once, ultimately reducing your overall carbon footprint.

Sustainable furniture offers a vast array of other environmental benefits but financial ones as well. Items made from sustainable materials and which are eco-friendly products have a much longer life, meaning they won't end up in landfills within a couple of years. Buying sustainable furniture may seem more expensive upfront, but it is a far more economical choice in the long run.

Go Green Design Ideas...

Designing a green home is made much easier in our modern world, with ideas and designs that can fill your space and change your environment more effortlessly than ever before. Using innovative technology to design your home with modern devices will help create a perfect space for you and your family to enjoy and benefit from. Choosing eco-friendly products that have used new technology will also lessen your carbon footprint.

Modern technology is an integral part of daily life, from mobile phones to TVs to game consoles, computers and laptops. Our reliance on electronics is significantly impacting the environment. Don't worry! There are endless ways to green up your gadgets-or, better still, use your devices for environmental causes. We have information tips, guides, fix-it solutions and facts all in one place to help you go green with your technology.

Green Interior Design Ideas.

Using eco-friendly furniture designs and discovering creative ways to go green in your home and work environments is easier than ever before. An abundance of inspirational professionals are being influenced by nature, creating inspired designs to illuminate your surroundings and transform your desired space, which will lift your home and heart. Decor inspires everyone who steps into the world you have created in your own living space. (Almut von wildheim) 

How To Buy Green...

So it is no coincidence that you are here to discover going green ideas for your home with eco-friendly products. Too often, people don't know how to buy green and are overwhelmed by the best choices to make, but there is now a place to go and people to talk to about green interior design ideas and concepts. 

Creative Ways To Be Green.

With just a few years left to avoid climate catastrophe, we need to tackle a massive driver of global heating – our buildings. How we build new structures, how we use the ones we currently have and make old ones more efficient is a question that is being discussed more and more across the world. 

According to the World Green Building Council, construction and use of buildings are responsible for 39% of global energy-related emissions. Hence, a more sustainable approach is crucial as we fight to reach net-zero carbon emissions as soon as possible. Concentrating on sustainability can create places we are delighted to live, work and play in. Using eco-friendly products will help develop buildings that are more comfortable, more attractive, and reconnect with nature. 

The task ahead is tremendous, but we can do it if we keep two critical principles at the centre of our focus. The first is recognizing the carbon impact of a building's entire life – from creating the first brick or roof beam to how the building performs a century later. 

Second, we need to make sustainable buildings that meet people's needs and desires – recognizing that green design is an opportunity, not a burden, will drive more of us to consider creative ways to be green. And, by using eco-friendly products we will be able to achieve this sooner.

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas.

And, it doesn't stop there, discovering eco-friendly products and gift ideas for family and friends, to help the most important people in your life obtain a healthy longer, life will be the reward itself. To know that you are making a difference in their lives by giving eco-friendly gifts. 

What Is Green Furniture Design?

The big challenge is first understanding what green furniture design is?  There are four sustainability cornerstones to understanding more closely what is green furniture design. 

1. Chemical Awareness - Why?

VOCs and chemical substances are omnipresent in our everyday lives. They might be the dyes in clothes, the salt on our food, or even the adhesive used to build our furniture. Some chemicals are edible and safe, but most are toxic to humans, wildlife and the environment. The chemicals used in the production of goods used in daily lives worldwide are the same chemicals we take into our homes and release into the habitats of wildlife and the natural world. It is in our hands to decide the types of chemicals we want in our lives and eliminate them.

2. Design & Resources - Why?

Renewable and finite are the two kinds of resources used on this planet. And, with a growing global population and faster manufacturing processes, the scarcity of these resources is not going away. Reducing these resources is why the world's renewables (i.e. wood) need regeneration at the same consumption rate. A circular approach needs to be determined to reuse finite resources (i.e. steel, aluminium, iron ore). It is imperative to understand and keep this in mind when designing and developing the future.

3. Reforestation - Why?

The forests of our planet are beyond breathtaking. They are places of not only beauty but of incredible biodiversity. And it's these bio-diversities that protect river beds and basins, supplying oxygen to our environment whilst reducing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Without a doubt, trees and other fauna are some of the best things in our world – and we need more of them. 

Life on earth is diverse, and our biological diversity, commonly referred to as biodiversity, is more precious than any other time in history. 

The sheer amount of varieties of animals, plants and microorganisms, and the enormous array of DNA in these species, with all the diverse ecosystems on the planet, such as rain forests, coral reefs and deserts, are all part of our biologically multi-faceted planet earth. But, it's not only these distinct environments that need our attention. It's our waterways, oceans and vast landscapes that need our immediate attention.  

Practical conservation and sustainable development initiatives attempt to recognize this as integral to any approach to preserving biodiversity. Reforestation consists of replanting deforested areas to restore the stability offered by forests. 

Trees in forests hold back wind and rainfall, protecting the soil from erosion. This eroded, infertile soil is no good for farming and is at risk of landslides and flash flooding. Reforestation helps remedy the soil erosion process, which is also being made worse by indiscriminate tree felling, preserving soil fertility with deep roots. Water basins also come back to life when they recover their nutrients.

The destruction of immense forests, which are essential to absorb CO2, produce oxygen and diminish climate change, make it necessary to plant vast numbers of new trees with the ultimate aim of saving ecosystems from destruction and protecting the planet from damage.

4. Carbon Footprint - Why?

The primary purpose of integrating sustainable furniture is to benefit the environment and overall human well-being. Choosing furniture from a company that has done all the complex work sourcing and featuring ranges that have already considered this, lowering your carbon footprint is made easy. 

To reduce carbon emissions even further - it's always better to shop locally from a maker that uses materials from sustainable sources. It is vital to consider where the furniture originates and the transport method used to get it to its final destination.

With understanding these four points and taking into consideration the concept of green furniture design the exciting thing is you can start to make more informed choices when buying furniture for your home. 

Green furniture designs help us become closer to nature as it is the desired embodiment of connecting with the natural world we strive for. Human beings are wired to be outside and live within nature. By using green furniture designs in your home, we become more relaxed and calmer in our everyday lives. 

Interestingly, living close to nature and greenery is more relevant to mental health than income level, employment, and overall health. Human senses are vehicles for this desire; they speak to our longing to connect closer with our environments. Choosing eco-friendly products only helps in the end goal of living a more fulfilling. closer connected to nature life.

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