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TopEco Green is here to support anyone wishing to go green by design. By design, we mean to offer help to anyone wishing to change up to green thinking if your business or profession is design orientated.

For example, if you are an interior designer, architect, builder, property developer, landscaper, gardener, or artistic tradesperson, and want to go green, then we are talking to you.

Go Green By Design or Be Forgotten

Green design is everywhere, and you probably know that you always have to be playing catch-up or be left behind, especially in the 'design' profession. 

Perhaps you've been happily designing, building, landscaping and creating away when you realise that your customers are asking for slightly different things lately. In other words, they are more environmentally aware than they were before, and they want their projects, designs and creations to have that 'green', sustainable, planet-friendly element.

These pages are here to help you stay current and bang-on-topic in your business.

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Go Green By Design with the Right Products - Luxury Green, Sustainably Approved Furniture & Home Decor 

(Bulk discounts available for TIDMA Members)

Visit TopEco Home for all your sustainable home and office needs.

TIDMA - TopEco Interior Designer's Member Association

FREE TIDMA Membership for the first 100 members. (TIDMA offers 100 free memberships, split between the categories, for the first people to sign up to the portal.) What are quality new leads worth to you? Please take a look at the TIDMA portal and how it works here...

Visit TIDMA the Interior Designer's Member Portal


Go Green By Design with these Interior Designers - A helpful list of sustainably aware green interior designers specialising in eco-friendly room design using the latest innovative green materials and goods.

TIDMA Member's List of Green Interior Designers


Go Green By Design Architects - A helpful list of sustainably aware architects specialising in designing and planning eco-friendly, high-quality, contemporary buildings, houses, and extensions.

(A Green Architect safeguards air, water, and earth by choosing eco-friendly/sustainable materials and protects the biodiversity of the area during construction.)

TopEco's Green architects are sustainably aware green building design specialists.


Go Green By Design Builders - A helpful list of sustainably aware green builders specialising in eco-friendly construction and labour. 

(Also known as green construction, green buildings include sustainable roofing and building materials, safe insulation, sustainable non-toxic counters and cabinets, eco-friendly paint, carpeting, flooring, lighting, green insulation soliutions and other fixtures to ensure an environmentally sound home.)

TopEco's Green builders list of sustainably aware green construction specialists.


Go Green by Design Services - A helpful list of sustainably aware green contractors specialising in eco-friendly support services for the home and office.

(Green contractors are committed to using sustainable and recycled materials on projects, reducing their carbon footprint by limiting water and engery use, minimising pollution and keeping plants and wildlife safe throughout remodelling or building processes.)

TopEco's green contractors are committed to eco-friendly project work by using sustainable materials and minimising energy use.


Get the Look at Home - Design your own green home with these green, eco-friendly room decorating ideas.

Get some inspiration and go green by designing one eco-friendly room at a time with a green specialised interior designer.

TopEco Green Interior Design Ideas


Get the Look in the Office - Get tips and ideas on green office design with these eco-friendly workplace design ideas.

Get some inspiration and go green by designing your eco-friendly office with one of our green office specialised designer...

TopEco Green Office Design Ideas

More About TIDMA

Sustainable Networking at its Best

If you're ready to go green by design in your home and workplace, then visit our exclusive member portal at TIDMA, and meet local architects, designers, contractors and builders in your area to help get you started the right way on your green project.

TIDMA signifies, supports and promotes sustainable interior design on behalf of its members across the UK.

The UK interior design industry leads the world with highly regarded eco-brands creating high trading standards through measured knowledge and education for all interior designers wishing to promote sustainable, planet-friendly products and materials. 

Click here to visit this exclusive portal today...

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