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TopEco Green is passionate about the going green business news hub. Showcasing examples of companies producing goods and services that benefit the environment, we can actively help businesses transition to a greener workplace and effect global change.

We delve deep into the exciting world of green investment, and who the movers and shakers in green asset management, our roving reporters bring you up-to-date news and articles on all the latest developments.

We report on the latest innovative design ideas for going green in the office, whilst featuring, trending sustainable furniture designs for a healther working day. 

Discover the latest going green business news on how companies are making changes and becoming more green. 

Going Green Business - In the Office

We are a passionate team that builds and empowers companies to engage and understand the threats of climate change and endeavour to help unravel the most complex challenges of our time.

Discover how going green in the workplace benefits bussiness, with lower running costs, also employees and how a greener workplace is also a healthier one.

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Going Green Business - Examples of Businesses Going Green

Discover how big and small business alike are showcasing examples of how their businesses are answering important questions and embracing green-culture to their best advantage. We find out why going green in the work environment is good for business. 

Discover how companies understand the culture of Greenwashing, which is the process of conveying a false impression or providing misleading information about how a company's products are kinder to the planet. We uncover the companies going out of their way to avoid these processes and which ones who aren't.

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Going Green Business - Green Investing & Asset Management

Going green in business is a popular subject with many company key people taking up the mantle. Stakeholders, loyal customers, suppliers, the local community and employees are all impacted by decisions made at the board level. Learn how green investment in on the rise and how global businesses are going green.

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