How to Green IT Your Space...

...When You're Not Tech Savvy

How to Green IT your home and workplace with the latest gadgets and apps for green living the modern way.How to Green IT your home and workplace with the latest gadgets and apps for green living the modern way.

Do Apps and all things techy freak you out? 

Maybe you're a gadget-nut and have them all over your home and take tech with you everywhere you go.

Either way, we have seen an upsurge in green tech that has really benefited the environment over the last few years.

For example, we have Apps that teach us how to green it by reducing our carbon footprint and gadgets that help us eliminate single-use plastic.

The transition to clean green solutions has never been easier.

Examples of Green Information technology include:

  • Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Energy Efficient Hardware
  • Coud Computing
  • Green Networking
  • Green Data Centres
  • Recycling

Green information technology (green IT) is fast becoming the 'must have' thing of the future, with hand-picked gadgets and tech for our work and home lives.

So, for the non-technical amongst us, all that tech can be a bit of a minefield.

But fear not...

Top 5 Gadgets that Take the Headache out of How to Green IT the Right Way

You really don't have to be Steve Jobs to understand this great selection of Green Apps and gadgets.

Here's the top ten gadgets and apps recommended by you on how to Green IT your home and workplace...

1. RAEGR Arc 1350 Wireless Charger

Introducing the RAEGR Arc 1350, a Triple Wireless Portable Charging Mat and a must-have accessory. 

The charging mat simultaneously, wirelessly charges up to three devices, including an Apple Watch. This revolutionary product will make a life for Apple and Android users extremely convenient and energy-efficient.

2. Samsung Smart Family Hub 4 Door Fridge

Take the hassle out of shopping - forgetting what's in the fridge is a thing of the past.

The Samsung Smart Family Hub fridge is the perfect shopping companion. Designed with the family in mind. Saving time and energy it's the perfect answer to a large family's needs.

3. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

Never throw away paper again. Save your best doodles forever.

The Rocketbook notebook provides a classic pen and paper experience yet is built for the digital age. It feels and acts like a traditional notebook, but is far from a traditional notebook. The Core is endlessly reusable and connected to all of your favourite cloud services. 

4. Activated Carbon Mini Air Purifier with UV-C Lamp

This Activated Carbon Mini Air Purifier with UV-C Lamp Removes up to 99.7% Viruses and Aerosols, Car Air Purifier with HEPA Filter.

The super handy gadget is packed full of healthy features. The activated carbon filters purify your home, office, car or hotel and can detect and monitor harmful impurities in the air you breathe. 

Activated Carbon Mini Air Purifier with UV-C Lamp by TopEco Home

5. Hot and Cool Air Purifier & Formaldehyde Remover

Did you know your furniture is 'off-gassing' into your home?

Even worse, some of the fumes are toxic, such as formaldehyde – a chemical used in production that takes two years to dissipate. Using an air purifier such as the one on the right, is one of the quickest and safest ways to deplete the levels of toxins in your indoor space.

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