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How to Stay Motivated & On track for Successful Learning

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Different Types of Online Interior Design Courses

Asynchronous Online Interior Design Courses

The best online interior design courses are the asynchronous design courses that do not take place in real–time. Students are provided with content and assignments and are given a time frame to complete course work and exams. Interaction usually takes place through resource areas, blogs, videos and audio. As a result, there is no class meeting time. Asynchronous online learning environments are effective for students with time constraints or busy schedules.

Synchronous Online Interior Design Courses

Online interior design courses that require students to interact simultaneously through text, webinars and video or audio chat are called synchronous learning environments and enable pupils to participate in a course from a distance in real time.

Hybrid courses, also known as blended courses, are learning environments that allow for both in–person and online interaction. Typically, hybrid courses meet in person several times during a course period and provide for computer–based communication in between those face to face sessions.

The Ultimate Sustainability Training Course for Interior Designers

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The TopEco Green Ultimate Sustainability Training Course for Interior Designers is a professional online interior design course which aims to arm you with all the skills required to make a living as a green interior designer.

So, as well as instructing you on how to bring spaces to life in an eco-friendly, sustainable way, you’ll learn about marketing, developing contacts and other essential business skills.

There is a total of 16 modules separated into four essential phases. Each module contains in-depth tutorials, lessons, webinars, videos and audio files with assignments after each section of learning. The course involves some 80 hours of participation with an allowable completion window of one year.

TopEco also brings in professionals in their field to answer common questions and features interviews with industry experts specialised in working with sustainable materials and green spaces. From green architects to green builders and successful sustainable interior designers, you will learn all you need to know to start building your interior design career the right way.

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Each module is full of resources, downloads and ideas to help you become the best you can be in your field of expertise. 

For example if you want to specialise in green design for a babies room, nursery or children's bedroom, there is a whole niche market waiting to take on your talent as a sustainability expert. Your services are in demand right now. More and more parents are embracing the use of organic, non-toxic materials for their home décor projects so your clever ideas and inspiration will go a long way to securing clients you would not otherwise be able to satisfy.

Green Interior Design Ideas

All online interior design courses successfully completed by participants carry a certificate of competition with additional CPD accredited awards going to allocated candidates.

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