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When people as themselves the question, "what is green interior design?" they don't necessarily reflect on the items in their home. Instead, they consider installing solar panels, conserving water or reducing their electricity use. Of course, these are all essential factors of a sustainable lifestyle. 

Still, other decor elements play a substantial role in creating a healthier planet. TopEco Green understands this and has brought together everything you need to transform you home decor into a green, eco-friendly haven. You will be able to look for furnishings, floor coverings and architectural design elements that use these renewable materials.

There are three fundamental principles to "green" interior design: energy efficiency, resource conservation, and health, not just personal health but the planet's health. When designing or re-modelling an interior of a home or workplace, optimising energy efficiency reduces pollution and saves resources for the entire lifetime of the interior. While maximising energy efficiency is sometimes more expensive upfront, reducing energy consumption saves money and pays for itself in the long term.

Designing with resource conservation at the forefront of any plan requires the mindful use of limited resources. Designing interiors with a long, adaptable lifetime or eventual reuse in mind also conserves resources in the long term by reducing the need for remodels or reducing waste in future remodels.

Additionally, "green" interior design protects users' health by designing for well-being and preventing indoor air pollution. "Green" interior design is forward-thinking, enhancing the lives of users today and in the future while protecting the environment for years to come.

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